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Health and Nutrition are an essential part of our lives. To be able to enjoy what we eat is a fundamental part of what makes us happy.
As a qualified Holistic Nutritional Therapist and Food Intolerance Testing practitioner my aim is to help people discover how to find a more appropriate diet that will suit their individual health needs, whilst still allowing them to enjoy the food they eat.

 If you suffer from a chronic condition, digestive problems, lack of energy or skin conditions, would like advice on weight management or are just looking to improve your general health and well being, whether physical or emotional, look no further. 

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My Nutritional Therapy  sessions allow us to work towards specific goals and address areas of ones diet which may need attention. I offer advice on alternative foods and supplements and can provide a personalised diet plan, tailored to suit ones individual health needs.
My aim is to help people confidently navigate the complex world of Nutrition.

My Sports Nutrition sessions entail a framework similar to that of a Nutritional Therapy consultation but with a focus on optimising athletic performance and supporting a healthy, active physical state, through the effective use of diet and nutrition. They are therefore suited to those wishing to make informed diet choices directly related to a specific physical activity or exercise regime.

The Food Intolerance Test allows us to explore which foods work best with ones body by detecting and eliminating those substances which cause disfunction; enabling us to approach our diet with a better understanding. A full vitamin and mineral analysis is included in the test and advice on supplements can be given.

“We took our daughter to see Annamarie after a gastro bug which left her being sick almost daily for 4 months. After numerous tests with doctors and hospital and pills for gastro illness nothing worked so we went to get this test done, as what did we have to lose. I can’t  recommend this highly enough. At day 3 she stopped being sick and by end of first week we saw massive improvements in her well being. We are now 3 months down the line and no sickness since, we are amazed by this. What is more, she is off all pills – we were told she would have to be on for the foreseeable future. Can’t thank Annamarie enough for helping us!!!”

Natalie Warr (mum)

“My 8mth old son started experiencing bad eczema when I introduced solids. When I heard about the food intolerance tests I thought it was worth a go as I didn’t want to use the steroid creams from the doctors.
Annamarie was very accomodating as my 8mth old is a very wriggly baby! As soon as I eliminated a couple of foods from his diet his skin improved dramatically. I have since taken my daughter for the food intolerance test as her eczema has worsened, so I look forward to seeing improvements in her skin, following Annamarie’s advice. I would definitely recommend having these tests if you want to understand the cause of the symptoms.”

Jodie Boex (mum)
8 months