Welcome to Give Me Balance.

Health and Nutrition are an essential part of our lives. To be able to enjoy what we eat is a fundamental part of what makes us happy.

As a qualified Holistic Nutritional Therapist and Food Intolerance Testing practitioner my aim is to help people discover how to find a more appropriate diet that will suit their individual health needs, whilst still allowing them to enjoy the food they eat.

If you suffer from digestive problems, lack of energy or skin conditions, would like advice on weight management or are just looking to improve your general health and well being. Look no further.

The Nutritional Therapy  sessions allow us to work towards specific goals and discuss areas which need attention. I offer advice on alternative foods and supplements and can provide a personalised diet plan, tailored to suit ones individual needs.  My aim is to help people navigate the complex world of Nutrition.

The Food Intolerance Test allows us to explore which food works best with ones body. Enabling us to approach our diet with a better understanding.
With my own personal experience gained through years of trying to find healthy alternatives and my knowledge of how to achieve a healthy balance. I can successfully guide you through the ever growing food choices on the market today.

Please call me on 07443425167